Zambia’s traditional beverage, Seba’s Instant Thobwa is a mouthwatering and convenient instant powdered beverage, to provide strength, energy and efficiency for increased productivity. Suitable for children and healthy adults alike

Product Range


Case Size

Product Code

Thobwa 70g (400ml)

50 x 70g (50 x 400ml)


Thobwa 70g (400ml)

20 x 10 x 70g (200 x400ml)


Thobwa 324g (2 liters)

20 x 324g (20 x 2 liters)


Thobwa 8.1kg (50 liters)

2 x 8.1kg (2 x 50 liters)


Thobwa 16.2kg (100 liters)

1 x 16.2kg (1 x 100 liters)


Instant Thobwa 70g (400ml)

Instant Thobwa 324G (2L)

Seba’s Instant Thobwa is now available in a ready-to-drink pack. Get the same great taste you love, now in a convenient and easy-to-use packaging.

Instant Thobwa
(500 ML)

Instant Thobwa
(350 ML)

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