We produce 2 main types of feed ingredients depending on feed formulations and requirements.

No. 3 Meal is a product of our maize flourmill and is the coarse portion that is separated on sieving of the crushed maize grain, to yield fine flour. No. 3 meal (premium to maize bran) and is composed largely of seed coat and maize flour.

Protein is an essential ingredient in feed, and we provide both low fat (high protein) as well as full fat (low protein, high oil content) soya cake, for your protein requirements.

Product Range


Product Code

Nutrameal Maize Bran


Nutrameal Meal No.3


Soya Cake Low Fat 50kg


Soya Cake Full Fat 50kg


Soya Cake Full Fat 50kg

Soya Cake Low Fat 50kg

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